Radiology Services

Clark Regional Medical Center’s Radiology department is under the direction of Radiologist Dr. Benjamin McQuaide. Dr. McQuaide oversees the department, which is equipped with a variety of state-of-the-art  imaging equipment.

64 Slice CT Scanner

Clark Regional Medical Center’s Philips Brilliance 64 Slice CT Scanner allows us to scan total regions of interest within seconds, while increasing image detail. The 64 Slice Scanner has also allowed us to decrease the volume of contrast media (x-ray dye) used on most procedures, therefore decreasing cost to our patients.

Patient Features 

  • Large open room
  • Accommodates patients up to 650 lbs

Diagnostic Radiology

Clark Regional Medical Center provides routine basic x-rays from hands and feet to Interventional Procedures including Angiography, Stent placements or Greenfield Filter Placements, also known as IVC Filter Placements.

We have a dedicated Interventional suite available for the patient that requires invasive procedures utilizing sedation. Radiology has a registered nurse that will accommodate the patient throughout the entire procedure while in the radiology
department. These procedures include but are not limited to Liver Biopsy, Stent Placements, Filter Placements, Angiograms, and Angioplasty (Non-cardiac).

We additionally have 2 digital general radiology rooms and 1 fluoroscopy room. We provide Tomography exams, Hysterosalpingiograms, Upper and Lower GI studies to name a few.


Clark Regional Medical Center’s GE Optima 450W has a 1.5 tesla magnet. The MRI scanner provides scans for patients utilizing advanced technology and the latest software capabilities.

Image Features:

Wide Bore Magnet - Decreases sense of claustrophobia

  • Specialized software to enhance images for better detail
  • Specific coils available for imaging of Body, Spine, Head, Knee, Shoulder, Wrist,
  • Small body parts including Feet, Ankles, TMJ’s, etc.

Procedures Available:

Routine MRI studies, MR Cholangiopancreatography and MR Angiography including Brain, Renal, Aorta and Peripheral run-offs.

Patient Features:

  • Stereo/CD Head phones allows patient to listen to the stereo or bring a favorite CD
  • Monitor System allows technologist to view patient while in the MRI during the scan
  • Reflector Imaging System allows patient to view outside the MRI while being scanned.

MR Angiography

  • Brain, renal, aorta and peripheral run-offs
  • MR Cholangiopancreatography

Patient Features:

  • Stereo/CD Head Phones Allows patient to listen to the stereo or bring a favorite CD.
  • Monitor System Allow technologist to view patient while in the MRI during the scan.
  • Reflector Imaging System Allows patient to view outside the MRI while being scanned.

Nuclear Medicine

Clark Regional Medical Center has an Adac Dual Head Vertex Camera. The dual head scanner allows us to decrease the scan time for the patient while imaging the patient from two different angles at the same time.

Procedures Available:

  • Myocardial SPECT scans (heart studies)
  • Bone Scans for stress fractures, infections, arthritis, metastatic disease, etc
  • Gallbladder and Renal function testing
  • Many other procedures available

Types of Therapy Available:

  • Treatment of bone cancer for pain relief
  • Thyroid treatments


Clark Regional Medical Center’s program is accredited by the American College of Radiology for Breast Ultrasound and Breast Care Biopsy. We provide astonishing clarity and contrast resolution with color imaging with our sono CT feature.

Patient Features:
  • Same day breast procedure services as needed
  • Private ultrasound rooms
  • Warm gel
  • Aspirations/biospsies as needed for Thryroids, Soft Tissue Masses, etc.

The Radiology department strives to provide the highest level of quality to all our patients. For more information contact, Sheri Reynolds, Director of Radiology, at 859-737-8310