Aphreikah DuHaney-West Named CEO of Clark Regional Medical Center

April 11, 2019

Clark Regional Medical Center is pleased to announce that Aphreikah DuHaney-West has been named chief executive officer (CEO), effective May 20, 2019. DuHaney-West comes to CRMC from Teche Regional Medical Center, another LifePoint Health facility in Morgan City, Louisiana, where she served as CEO. She will replace Barbara Kinder, CRMC’s chief clinical officer (CCO), who is currently serving as CRMC’s interim CEO. Kinder will continue serving in her role as CCO.

February 9th Heart Health Article- Workplace Workouts: Easy ways to make your workday more active

February 9, 2017

If there’s one thing that most Americans have in common, it’s that we live sedentary lifestyles. From commuting to work and spending hours behind a computer, to watching TV or surfing the internet after work, health experts have long warned that we simply sit too much.

February 8th Heart Health Article- An Egg White A Day

February 8, 2017

An egg white a day… If you’re an egg lover, you may scoff at eating just the whites. After all, the yolk is the most delicious part. If you’re open to a change, utilizing just the whites of the egg every now and then can have benefits for your heart, particularly if cholesterol is a concern.

February 7th Heart Health Article- The Benefits of Yoga: Keep Your Heart Healthy, and Happy, with Yoga

February 7, 2017

Manage blood pressure. Control cholesterol. Reduce blood sugar. Get active. Eat better. Lose weight. Stop Smoking. There’s a reason the most talked about ways to improve your heart health also comprise the American Heart Associations’ (AHA) “Simple 7”, a list of seven lifestyle strategies that can help people lower their risk of heart disease. They work!

February 6th Heart Health Article- Know Your Numbers

February 6, 2017

Know Your Numbers Taking an active role in your health can help you ensure a long and healthy life. One step in taking charge of your health is knowing your heart health, particularly three key numbers:  Blood pressure Cholesterol levels Waist size

February 5th Heart Health Article- Stock the Pantry for Your Heart

February 5, 2017

When it comes to eating heart healthy, it starts at home. But how do you know what to stock in your pantry and fridge to help make everyday meals at home more heart healthy? We want to help.

February 4th Heart Health Article- Heart Disease 101: Warning Signs for Women

February 4, 2017

The number one killer of men and women in the U.S., you may think that gender doesn’t matter when it comes to heart disease. But it does. According to the American Heart Association, in the past 30 years, more women than men have died each year from heart disease. This could in part be due to the less obvious signs and symptoms women sometimes experience and the fact that only one in five women believe that heart disease is their greatest health threat.

February 3rd Heart Health Article- Overlooked Symptoms

February 3, 2017

Below are a few common, and often overlooked, signs that a heart attack may be approaching. To get a pulse on your heart health, make sure to see your family doctor and ask questions about your risk factors.

Feb. 2 Heart Health Article- 30 minutes a day helps keep heart disease away

February 2, 2017

30 minutes a day helps keep heart disease away Did you know that by exercising as few as 30 minutes per day, you can improve your heart health and quality of life? And it doesn’t have to be hardcore, rigorous physical activity – the kind that leaves you drenched in sweat and sore for days. It can be simple, easy-to-incorporate activities like walking your dog, tossing a ball with your child, or dancing with friends.

February 1st Heart Health Article- Roasted Salmon with Pesto Vegetables

February 1, 2017

To kick off heart month, here’s a delicious salmon recipe you can make at home. Salmon is packed with heart-healthy omega-3 fatty acids. The American Heart Association advises that eating salmon and other omega-3 rich foods twice a week can have benefits extending far beyond your heart.

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