Supplier Information

Welcome to Clark Regional Medical Center (CRMC). As a supplier or potential supplier of goods and services to CRMC, we value your visit and hope to gain new insight from you that will continue to enhance our standard of high quality patient care and reduce our costs.

 This summary is provided to help you do business with Clark Regional.

 We will try to answer your questions in person, if scheduling permits.

  • Clark Regional Medical Center operates a centralized Purchasing and Materials Management (Purchasing) department. All purchasing decisions for goods and related services are finalized in Purchasing, with the exception of pharmaceuticals which are delegated to Pharmacy Administration, and food, which is under a contract service.
  • CRMC is a member of LifePoint Hospitals, Inc, Brentwood Tennessee, and is a part of HealthTrust Purchasing Group (HPG), and utilizes its purchasing group for contract prices whenever practical. Contact HPG directly to become an approved supplier, at
  • New and replacement products are introduced to the facility following an analysis, which measures improved value. Evaluations may be conducted only after approval of Purchasing. These evaluations then must be coordinated through Purchasing, Staff Education, Infection Control, and/or other departments as appropriate.
  • Except for your initial visit to Purchasing, all subsequent visits should be by appointment, in order for Purchasing and hospital staff to devote proper time to you.
  • LifePoint Corporate Policy requires that suppliers be credentialed, currently utilizing Reptrax ( A dated, identifying badge will be assigned to you by Materials Management allowing you to visit a specific department. Hospital personnel should not see you unless you have a badge. (Certain individuals providing consultative services, insurance, and similar services to Human Resources or Administration may visit those areas without signing in. )
  • Suppliers who represent Providers of medical equipment such as pain pumps and orthotic devices will bill patients or insurance directly for products they provide to those patients, unless prior arrangements have been made with Purchasing (i.e., a Purchase Order or contract has been created). In addition, those Providers must clearly advise the patients they are working with that they are not employees of the hospital and are here at the physician’s request.  As a supplier of such equipment, you are responsible for obtaining billing information.
  • It is hoped that these guidelines will assist you in doing business with CRMC. Your understanding of and your adherence to these guidelines assures all suppliers fair and honest treatment. If you have any suggestions for improving our processes, please let us know.

Ken Hogan, Director of Materials

Todd White, Director of Pharmacy Services 

Jerry Ashburn, Director of Facilities Management