The Center for Infusion Services at Clark Regional Medical Center, delivers comprehensive chemotherapy care and is connected to the Oncologist office so he can monitor each patient. Located in the Clark Clinic building the facilities in the Center for Infusion Services include:

  • A private suite with comfortable recliner and TV
  • A semi-private suite with recliners and TVs
  • Procedure room (for bone marrow biopsies and other procedures)

Our highly trained team of registered nurses ensures you receive the properly prescribed dosage of your medicine as scheduled. Our team members are friendly, compassionate and committed to assisting you on your journey to wellness. They want you to feel safe and comfortable
throughout the infusion process.

The Power of Collaboration

Clark Regional Medical Center and UK Markey Cancer Center

As part of our continuing focus on making communities healthier, we have joined the UK Markey Cancer Center Affiliate Network to provide our patients with enhanced access to high-quality cancer care.

Benefits to Our Medical Community:

  • Cancer-specific education and training for doctors, nurses, pharmacists and other medical staff.
  • Assistance in achieving and maintaining Commission on Cancer accreditation.
  • Access to specializing programs such as genetic counseling.
  • Coordination of cancer care with primary care and referring doctors -- before, during and after treatment.

Benefits to Patients & Families:

  • Access to the latest, most up-to-date treatments -- minimizing travel time.
  • Local resources to help families/caregivers support their loved one.
  • Local cancer prevention events and activities (health fairs, cancer screening programs, survivorship events).

Closer Is Better

At Clark Regional Medical Center, we are dedicated to winning the war on cancer right here at home. In the past, patients in Winchester and surrounding communities have had to travel long distances to see an oncologist and receive chemotherapy treatments. Our oncology team and Center for Infusion Services change that for the better. Now cancer patients can receive advanced treatments and compassionate support close to home. Get the quality care you need, closer to home, with oncology and infusion services from Clark Regional Medical Center.

Clark Regional Medical Center provides a team of specially-trained physicians and nurses to help you manage a cancer diagnosis and return to good health. We take a multi-specialty team approach to coordinate the best treatment options, provide information about ongoing clinical trials and new treatment options, and assist in accessing educational information and support services.

  • Our medical oncologist/hematologist, trained at the UK Markey Cancer Center, leads the team and utilizes the latest chemotherapy protocols to treat cancer.
  • Our pathologist and radiologist are involved in the early diagnostic stage and throughout a patient’s treatment – interpreting test results and assisting with biopsies.
  • Two surgeons are available to perform a biopsy, lumpectomy or other procedures as needed.
  • Specially trained oncology and infusion registered nurses will provide treatment and support throughout your treatment – in our comfortable new Center for Infusion Services at the Clark Clinic.

To learn more about the progress we are making, read the full 2017 Clark Regional Cancer Center annual report. View the 2017 Clark Regional Report here.

For more information please call the Center for Infusion Services at 859.737.8412.